Quick Heal Anti-Virus

Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2011 2010

Up-to-date antivirus protection for your PC

Quick Heal Anti-Virus is an all-round antivirus and security tool aimed at the intermediate home user. View full description


  • Generate reports on everything
  • Command line options
  • Real-time protection
  • Various scan options


  • Convoluted installation process
  • Requires other security products to be uninstalled

Not bad

Quick Heal Anti-Virus is an all-round antivirus and security tool aimed at the intermediate home user.

On first appearances, Quick Heal Anti-Virus doesn’t do well. Installation is complicated, and the initial window that shows up is not, in fact, the main interface. Once you find your way back to the control center, however, things become much clearer.

Visually, Quick Heal Anti-Virus is fairly successful. It has a nice, if not revolutionary, interface and all the sections are easy to navigate. It also has a good selection of configuration options, where you can customize everything from what behavior the program takes when it finds a virus to setting a password so nobody can change your configurations.

Quick Heal Anti-Virus’ main tools are divided into 4 – File & Folder, Emails, Internet & Network and External Drives & Devices. There’s also a straightforward Scan button, and clicking on this will give you access to 4 different types – Full, Custom, Memory and Boot Time.

You’ll also find some nice additional features under Quick Heal Anti-Virus’ Tools menu. Here you’ll find options to create an Emergency CD, for really nasty infections, USB drive protection and an anti-malware tool, to name just a few.

In recent times, Quick Heal Anti-Virus has improved notably, especially in terms of speed. What was once an unforgivably slow tool is now pretty quick, and has a nice variety of features that should give most users complete control over their PC.

Quick Heal Anti-Virus is a multifunctional tool for intermediate users, but could definitely make improvements in the area of initial usability.

Quick Heal Anti-Virus


Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2011 2010

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